Burda 7627

I made the full slip from very fine and sheer polyester crepe de chine.  Since my bust is high, I cut across the upper bodice and spread it by 3/8 inch to make it higher. I lengthened the hem by 1 1/2 inches because I omitted the wide lace trim on the hem. I can picture lace trim sticking to tights or pantyhose.

Line Drawing

In theory it’s an easy pattern, but cutting out and sewing crepe de chine makes it not so easy.  Even cutting out patterns on firmer fabric like cotton or linen, I often get a stretched out sawtooth edge. On the crepe de chine my cuts are wobbly and wavy and anything but straight or gently curved like they should be.  I’m using fine thread, a size 70 needle and my straight stitch foot and the straight stitch plate for my machine.

I used cotton cluny lace for trimming the bodice. A piece of selvage was stitched over the lace seam allowance at the center.  The lace was edge stitched in place, zigzagged above this, then the rest of the seam allowance was trimmed.  I stitched the side seams except for the last few upper edges so I could get an idea of the fit.  When I’m feeling rested and focused on the weekend I’ll try to put on the bias trim on the front armhole edges.

Cluny lace and front pleats

wrong side-covered seam allowance on lace

If I find nice cotton flannel, I’ll make the pants for a pajama top that no longer has the bottoms.

I’ve also been planning and prepping my niece’s Christmas present.  She has a small laptop in an uncommon size.  She asked that I make her a case for it.  It will be envelope style with a flap along the longer side. I have royal blue cotton canvas from Ikea- it has a white print of leaves and fruit on it. I cut up an old yoga mat for the padding. The mat will be sandwiched between the outer fabric and lining.  The raw fabric edges are going to be stitched together with a zipper foot since there’s no way to stitch through the mat. The edges will be covered with same colour bias tape and the flap secured with velcro.  I’ll make a matching zippered bag for the power cord.

I just pulled the ricotta breakfast bars (from the October 2011 O magazine), out of the oven.  They smell good!.  I did some improvisation of ingredients: dried apricots instead of prunes, walnuts instead of pecans, and maple syrup instead of molasses. I hope there was enough acid to interact with the baking soda without the molasses. It’s the first time I have baked with barley flour.  A little nibble confirms it tastes as good as it smells.