Passport Dress in progress

I spent most of the afternoon working on the Passport dress.  The dress is very easy to make. It would be even easier sewing if I didn’t have such soft floppy rayon.

Before today’s work I had fused the interfacing onto the facing pieces and finished the facing edges by turning them under and edge stitching it.  Thinking that the bodice should fit based on my bodice muslin (without any SBA!) made from an old bed sheet, I forged ahead. Unfortunately I stretched the edges of the front bodice at the lower neck and along one side so the edge wants to turn out slightly.  Here I have some diagonal wrinkles going from the bust towards the side waist- not sure why- too tight at waist or should I have done a SBA?  You can see I didn’t get the front darts lined up well- see the fabric extending at the lower center.

Back view looks even worse-again too tight in the waist or do I need to do a sway back alteration?   OMG I’m getting a muffin top!  I really need to go to the gym more often!!  I guess this counts for MMM2012 as I’m wearing the Portfolio pants today.

I had a feeling it wouldn’t be riding up so much once the skirt was attached so the bodice and skirt were basted together- some of the wrinkles disappear. Pre-made bias tape has been basted onto the armhole edges

Glad I didn’t shorten the skirt – once hemmed it should hit just above my knee.

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    • I’m sticking by my rules- only buy fabric if the colour looks good on me- i.e doesn’t make me look ill or anemic. Been thinking overnight- maybe the bodice length needs to be shortened?


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