Wonderful finished objects:

I’m in love with this dress (Burdastyle 7513). It looks so sharp and it fits so well.  While I can still get in on and off, I have to do a bit of squirming with the zipper being two inches shorter than it should have been.  Although I shortened the sleeve by 1/2 inch I could have shortened it some more. Compared to the pattern photo my sleeves are still a lot longer. On RTW blouses I usually need to shorten sleeves by 1- 1 1/2 inches, but on Burda I have a petite 36 sleeve length, about 5/8 inch shorter than regular size.  Happy that I upped the button size to one inch.  Enough commentary, here is the dress:

Might be distortion on photo because of the striped fabric.

Finally took a photo of the Passport dress; it’s wrinkled at the waist since this was taken after my workday was over.

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