The sewer’s progress

I’ve wanted to make more progress on the New Look 6000 dress this week, but I’ve been stalled for a few reasons: no lightweight black interfacing for neck facing and can’t find the traced out front pattern piece I used for making my muslin.  I was battling between my desire to make progress and trying to stick to my resolution of “slow sewing.”  Guess what won?

I took another look at my interfacing samples fused to a scrap of the fabric- I decided I could live with light grey, lightweight fusible weft interfacing for the neck facing so interfacing cut out and fused to facing pieces. Have to remember to stock up on black fusible knit interfacing next time Fabricland has it on sale.

Last night I traced out another copy of the front pattern piece from the original and will try to replicate my first flat pattern SBA on the bust dart and then do the vertical dart slash and overlap for a more dramatic SBA.  The bust dart has been shifted up by 1/4 inch. I was comparing how the Colette sewing book and my 2000 edition Vogue Sewing book do a SBA on a fitted bodice.  For me and this dress, the Vogue method is the way to go – I have a bony chest and need to eliminate excess fabric above my bust.

I fixed my edge finish on the kick pleat – realized once it was “done” that zigzagging the edge wasn’t enough of a finish – I reopened and redid the diagonal stitching line after turning under edges by 1/4 inch and straight stitching the edges.

This weekend, I might be desperate enough to post photos of me wearing muslin #2. My parents are away on vacation for two weeks, so | can’t even do a telephone consultation with my mother, an expert seamstress.  I’ll need virtual advice!

I promise to post photos of real dress once front and back and stitched together. A bunch of dark blue pieces lying on an ironing board aren’t very interesting.

How are other people doing lapped zippers? The right underside has been stitched but now I’m pondering how I can get the lapped left side aligned and zipper tape stitched on in what I hope is the first go.  I didn’t understand what the Threads sewing book was doing when it said to stitch a 5/8 inch line along the underlapped side before  stitching on the zipper tape. It was only after the fact that understood that the line was made to help align the lap (sigh).