The dress

It has been so much fun to sew this dress.  The fabric was easy to handle and frayed very little.  The pattern is well drafted with detailed instructions and good diagrams.  The elusive perfect match of fabric to pattern happened this time.  I am delighted with how the dress turned out.  I have to do a bit of tweaking on the side seams: narrow the skirt width through the hips and add a bit more space at the waist.  I just wish I had more occasions to wear it.   Anyway for when the occasion arises I have beautiful dress. An avocado green shade of this fabric is still in the stash waiting for a pattern.

wearing the dress


I found four ivory tone buttons with a gold colour rim in my button stash. The buttons bring back memories.  They are from a Geoffrey Beene dress my mother made for me more than 20 years ago for my brother’s wedding.   The fabric was purchased at Eaton’s, a now defunct department store.  They had a small but good selection of fabrics. The fabric for that dress is the most expensive fabric I have ever purchased – $45/m – a beautiful ligthweight textured wool from Switzerland.  I saw the designer original, but with short sleeves, at Simpsons (another long gone department store) for about $2000.  The dress is sitting in my closet.  I tried it on a few years ago and it sure looks odd.  My size and shape hasn’t changed much in 20 years.  How styles change!